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montage1 - aug 31 2015

With the exception of the framed and mounted maps, the vast majority of our UK maps are either Ordnance Survey or Bartholomew's. But we also have maps from other publishers.


This part of the stock list is rather limited and, as with all our maps, it is ever-changing. But the following gives you an idea of what we might have.

Street maps

As you might expect, the majority of our street maps feature Oxford but we also have maps of other urban areas.


Publishers include Barnett, Alden and Littlebury, and current stock includes maps from the 1930s to the 1960s.



Other publishers

Bartholomew's and the Ordnance Survey dominated popular map making in the 20th century. But other companies also produced maps and these occasionally appear in our stock list.


The most prominent names were Bacon's, Geographia and Johnston.  

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War Office maps

In the 1930s, 40s and 50s, the War Office - with help from the Ordnance Survey - published numerous maps of the UK. These have great historic value, particularly as some were classified as 'top secret' and others showed the sites of military installations.


Most show clear signs of usage - in other words, they were often badly folded - but they are still fascinating and attractive snap-shots of British history.


We also have some very colourful wartime maps of Europe, including Berlin, Paris and Antwerp.